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Antoine D’Agata

Antoine D’Agata
Avarie Artbooks
English, French, Italian


124 pages
135 x 180 mm
640 x 845 mm Poster size
ISBN 9782954197401


A journal written at the third person that seeks to depict Antoine d’Agata’s quest, “the inexorable course from void to void”. A literary and photographic experiment where words, sometimes descriptive, sometimes poetic, intersect with images in a narrative continuity. An example of the photographer’s existential choice and form of resistance which leads toward the subject’s disappearance and the ego’s negation within the neutral spectrum of the image while insisting on an intimate involvement with its matter and a perfect superposition of art and life.

About the Artist
Antoine D’Agata (b.1961,Marseilles), left France in 1983 and remained overseas for the next ten years. Finding himself in New York in 1990, he pursued an interest in photography by taking courses at the International Center of Photography, where his teachers included Larry Clark and Nan Goldin.

About the Publisher
Avarie Artbooks is an independent press, specialising in contemporary art & photography books that explore, with a transversal approach, the connection between writing & image, founded by Giuliana Prucca in 2012.

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