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Devoir de mémoire / A Biography of Disappearance
Omar D

Devoir de mémoire / A Biography of Disappearance
Omar D
Autograph ABP

Essay ‘Disappearance as a Consequence of a Lawless State Power’ by Lahouari Addi
Preface by Kate Allen


Hardback, Clothbound with dust jacket
200 pages
210 x 257 mm
ISBN 9781899282111


Between 10,000 – 20,000 people disappeared in Algeria in the decade following the cancellation of the general election of 1992. On opening this book, page upon page of faces introduce the reader to this national tragedy. Using the testimony of the families of some of those who have disappeared, Omar D’s photographs present the places where events occurred, their relationship to the surrounding urban and rural landscapes and the lives of those who have been affected. A striking and forceful body of work, compiled during a single winter as a commission by Autograph ABP, his images tell the story of a practice that has become widespread throughout the world.

About the Artist
Omar D. is an Algerian Postwar & Contemporary artist. Born in 1951 in Annaba, Algeria, he is a trained ophthalmologist. Omar Daoud has been practicing photography since the age of twenty. The artist, who lives between Paris and Algiers, exhibits regularly since 1998.

About the Publisher
Autograph’s mission is to enable the public to explore identity, representation, human rights and social justice through work produced by artists who use photography and film.

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