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Máté Dobokay

Máté Dobokay Portfolio

Máté Dobokay PortfolioPortfolio
Máté Dobokay
acb Gallery


45 pages
150 x 190 mm
ISBN Not Available


Portfolio (2019) of the Hungarian artist Máté Dobokay

About the Author
Máté Dobokay (b.1988) mainly deals with abstract and concrete photography. His works always converge to painting somehow, trying to question and push the frontiers between it and photography. He uses photography as a tool but reaches back to its essence repeatedly. Through the medium, but not with its proper usage he creates his images using this to blur the boundaries.

About the Publisher
Founded in Budapest in 2003, acb Gallery has consistently grown in the past two decades establishing itself as one of the leading actors in the Hungarian and Eastern European art market. Initially, the gallery’s focus was on Hungarian and international emerging and mid-generation neo-conceptual artists, who became active after the political changes in the former Eastern Bloc in 1990. Since then, the gallery has expanded its focus, and now represents numerous Hungarian neo-avant-garde artists who have left their mark on art history since the 1960s and 1970s, as well as members of the youngest generations beside the already established ones.

Since the autumn of 2022, acb runs three exhibition spaces: the main gallery space, acb Attachment, which serves as a project space, and acb Plus, dedicated to large-scale solo and group presentations.

acb’s research and publishing department, acb ResearchLab was founded in 2015. This platform within the gallery aims to fill the gaps in the reception and publication of Hungarian neo-avant-garde and post-avant-garde oeuvres by studying bodies of works and art phenomena previously treated as peripheral.