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PHotoBolsillo: Cristina García Rodero
Cristina García Rodero

PHotoBolsillo: Cristina García Rodero
Cristina García Rodero
La Fabrica


Foreword by Julio Llamazares


108 pages
130 x 180 mm
ISBN 9788495471922


Small retrospective book contain key images from the career of Spanish photographer Cristina García Rodero.


About the Artist
Cristina García Rodero was born in Puertollano, Spain. She studied painting at the School of Fine Arts at the University of Madrid, before taking up photography. Cristina García Rodero has received many prizes, including the Premio Nacional de Fotografía in 1996 in Spain. Her work has been widely published and exhibited internationally. She has published several books and has been a member of the agency Vu for more than 15 years. Garcia Rodero joined Magnum in 2005 and became a full member in 2009.


About the Publisher
La Fabrica devise, create, promote and develop cultural projects in very diverse fields. La Fabrica’s areas of work cover the entire sphere of contemporary culture: photography, art, literature, cinema, theatre, dance, architecture, music, science. Contemporary ideas and trends open to dialogue are behind every project they undertake.

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