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Parallel Atlas Second Cycle 2018 / 2019
Parallel Platform

Second Cycle

Second Cycle Parallel Atlas Second Cycle 2018 / 2019
Parallel Platform

Artists inclded: Agata Wieczorek, Ana Zibelnik, André Viking, Christel Thomsen, Cihad Caner, Dániel Szalai, Diogo Bento, Dries Lips, Ela Polkowska, Fábio Cunha, Federico Ciamei, Garrett Grove, Hannamari Shakya, Inês Marinho, Jake Mein, Jessica Wolfelsperger, José Alves, Laura Konttinen, Louisa Boeszoermeny, Mary Lukasiewicz, Martin Eberlen, Mateusz Kowalik, Matthew Thompson, Nils Stelte, Rocco Venezia, Róisín White and Sinead Kennedy.


Softcover, Newsprint
48 Pages
280 x 430 mm
ISBN Not available


Parallel publications are a key component of the Platform’s work process. In each cycle, the Platform issues a collection of publications that showcase and promote the artwork, artists and curators who partook in the project. For each exhibition, we publish an Exhibition Catalogue, developed in close collaboration with the artists and curators.

 At the end of the cycle, during the Parallel Intersection, the Platform issues the Parallel Atlas, a comprehensive catalogue with the work submitted during the entire year. In the 2nd Cycle, Parallel released 6 exhibition catalogues, one exhibition on paper published at YET Magazine and the Parallel Atlas 2019.

About the Organisation
Parallel Platform is a platform that brings together creative European organisations committed to promoting cross-cultural exchanges and mentorships in order to set new standards in contemporary photography. Members include museums, galleries, cultural centres, festivals, art schools and publishers – 18  vibrant European cultural hubs, from 16 countries, that will participate in selecting and hosting emerging artists and curators, organising exhibitions and promoting artistic networking.

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