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New Urban Narratives


FlâneurNew Urban Narratives
English and Portugese

Curated by Maria Salgado


Softcover, Newsprint
24 Pages
280 x 340 mm
ISBN Not Available


A festival housed in several European galleries, working with artists working on documentary photography, curated by  Portuguese artist Maria Salgado.

About the Curator
Maria João Salgado, born in 1992 in Portugal. Alma Mater: Portuguese Institute Of Photography (IPF). Since then my work focused on documentary photography, developing projects on human rights and alternative living communities.

About the Festival
13th International Festival of Art Photography KAUNAS PHOTO, with partners from various European countries, launches the project “Flâneur – New Urbanistic Narratives”, which is co-financed by the “Creative Europe” programme. In the programme of this year’s festival, they emphasize the relations between the culture of the street, public places and photography. In 2015 –2016, the festival is trying to create new iconography of Kaunas and to visualize new urbanistic narratives. In this case, four foreign photographers has been invited to Kaunas, Sergiy Lebedynskyy (Ukraine & Germany), Henrik Duncker (Finland), Mariusz Forecki (Poland) and representatives of “The Caravan Gallery“ Chris Teasdale and Jan Williams (The United Kingdom), who participated in the project “Flâneur – New Urbanistic Narratives”.  During the time in Lithuania, photographers prepared the images of dynamic and constantly changing Savanoriai Avenue as an arterial road of Kaunas. These images are displayed in Rotušė square. This exhibition is the final accent of the festival’s KAUNAS PHOTO 2016 programme of exhibitions, lectures, creative workshop and many more events.

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