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No Crisis Here
Ailbe Collins

No Crisis Here, Ailbe Collins

No Crisis Here, Ailbe CollinsNo Crisis Here
Ailbe Collins


56 pages
210 x 300 mm
ISBN Not Available


No Crisis Here is a social commentary on the housing crisis in Ireland that, arguably, has been in place for over 100 years. In October 2018, a cross-party motion in the Dáil supported the declaration of a national emergency in regards to housing and homelessness by a majority. However, the government was not obliged to act on this motion. Exploring the current state of the Irish housing and rental markets, Collins highlights the lack of governmental support and the structural issues that effect the most vulnerable people in Irish society. His work questions the common understanding of the term homelessness and brings into focus the mental as well as financial struggle of those living in emergency accommodation.

About the Artist
Ailbe Collins is an Irish photographer and avid lover of photography. This love of capturing light is combined with his love of architectural visions and creative structural ideas, especially those that respond to their functional uses. Collins’ compositions are purposeful in their capturing of the design of structures or spaces in front of his camera, as well as how individuals and groups interact with the architect’s vision.

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