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Москва (Moscow) – White Dreams
Rosa Rodríguez

Moscow, Rosa Rodríguez

Moscow, Rosa RodríguezМосква (Moscow) – White Dreams
Rosa Rodríguez
Self Published


28 pages
220 × 300 mm
ISBN Not Available


Russia has undergone a radical change over the last two decades. It has changed from being a socialist state-run system, with central planning based on cooperatives, to a market economy. The result of this transition has been the emergence of two social strata: the nouveau riche, which surfaced after the fall of communism, mostly from the ruling classes of the old Communist Party, and the rest of the population, which has increasingly grown apart from this dominant social group owing to economic differences. This has led to the great distance that exists between the two—one that is more and more difficult to overcome. The clearest image of this change is seen in Moscow, which has gone from being a grey city without services to becoming one of the most expensive in the world. Resulting from the uncontrolled consumerism of Russia’s new rich, Moscow now features a mixture of huge Soviet-style buildings and shop windows filled with all manner of products. Despite the new generations never having lived under the former regime, the legacy of the Soviet Union continues to weigh upon them. Much of the population was born in a country that no longer exists, but the old traditions and ideologies remain imbedded in its inhabitants. The population is treading a path that is a mix of past and present in order to find its place in the new Russia.

About the Artist
Rosa Rodríguez is a Spanish photographer interested in societies, traditions and their influence on humanity. Currently, her work focuses on communities that maintain a strong link with nature in their way of life, and on highlighting the need to care for and conserve the unique natural areas of our planet. Since 2016, she has carried out much work in the Arctic, one of the most inhospitable and threatened parts of the world. She has been living alongside Nenets, Sami and Inuit groups who maintain a strong connection with nature in their way of life.

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