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Molds, Nick Fagan

Molds, Nick FaganMolds
Nick Fagan
Clown Kisses Press

Text by Ricardo Vicente Jose Ruiz.


Softcover (spiral bound)
Edition of 100
21 pages
205 x 270 mm
ISBN Not Available


Molds is a spiral bound book of drawings by artist Nick Fagan. Each page is a three colour risograph print that mimics the look and feel of a sketchbook. Inside the set of drawings deal with the anxiety surrounding this modern age. There is a dark tint of humour throughout that oscillates between simple figural drawings and totem like monoliths. 20 pages of drawings and an introduction by artist Ricardo Vicente Jose Ruiz.

About the Artist
Nick Fagan was born in Washington, D.C. and now lives and works in Richmond, VA. He earned a BFA in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA and and MFA in sculpture from The Ohio State University.

Nick explains his work by saying, “My work has largely to do with events occurring in my life and their relationship to cultural issues that affect society. The work has a common narrative that many will understand, but at the same time it is personal. As I work, I look for an overarching experience that people can empathize with and relate to. The most recent body of work is about suicide. These paintings and sculptures consider the different roles that people play in these personal tragedies. Each work looks at a new facet of the experience, from personally dealing with my own attempted suicide to having friends who were successful at the task. At every turn, I try to express a different view using the various characters and collaged narratives that arise out of each suicide as it unfolds.”

About the Publisher
Started by three VCUarts Alumni Clown Kisses Press was briefly known as “Clown Meat Press” this was quickly deemed to be “maybe a little too much”. Next a risograph printer was purchased and the rest is history. Clown Kisses Press is a risograph press based in Richmond,VA specializing in zines, books, comics, prints, posters, etc.

Clown Kisses Press looks to work with emerging artists as a place to create and publish a work as part of an edition. Also, Clown Kisses Press is a local printer that can offer printing services to those with a risograph project in mind.