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Daisuke Yokota

Linger, Daisuke Yokota

Linger, Daisuke YokotaLinger
Daisuke Yokota
Akina Books


Five Holes Japanese Stab Binding with Kangxi corners
Edition of 300
64 pages
210 × 297 mm
ISBN Not available


Below the water’s surface, two bodies, one room: in a sort of Flatland of the mind, transfigured by Daisuke’s vision, bones and skins diminished their weights, hungering for their shapes. Daisuke chases the time, adorns visionary landscapes with dust and erotism, lingers on the steamed glass, still breathing.

LINGER is part of the TEIKAI trilogy.
About the trilogy: the kanji writing of TEIKAI has many meanings. One of the them is “to linger”, to stay a bit longer. Another meaning is: to wander at midnight. When taken out of context there’s no way to tell which is the intended meaning, starting from this ambiguity of language and word Daisuke Yokota’s started working on the TEIKAI trilogy, currently a work in progress. There’s no way to know where this midnight wandering will lead.

About the Artist
The highly experimental photographer Daisuke Yokota works with both digital and physical darkroom tools to create images that range from moody black-and-white portraits to high-keyed abstractions. In 2016, Yokota received the Foam Paul Huf Award, one of the highest distinctions awarded to talented contemporary photographers under the age of 35.

About the Publisher
Akina Books is an independent publishing house of photobooks which carry their experimental singularity in contents, visual narratives, handmade and hybrid binding techniques, paper combinations and printing.

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