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Ana Casas Broda

Ana Casas Broda
La Fabrica


320 pages
300 x 200 mm
ISBN 9788415691426


The memory, the present, the past and the future are facts analogous to photography and play a vital role in Ana Casas’ work. She has a special environment awareness and she uses it as a memory machine tool and strengthen them in the future. She knows about proximity between time and memory and that there is the truly environment power. The tide that comes and goes between both and the uncertain present, are vital elements to understand texts and shades of Kinderwunsch. This project is a delicious act of balance between different times, none more important than the other one.


About the Artist
Ana Casas Broda was born in Granada, Spain, in 1965, to an Austrian mother and Spanish father, Broda spent her early years between these countries. In 1974 she came with her mother to live in Mexico City, where she studied photography, painting and history.


About the Publisher
La Fabrica devise, create, promote and develop cultural projects in very diverse fields. La Fabrica’s areas of work cover the entire sphere of contemporary culture: photography, art, literature, cinema, theatre, dance, architecture, music, science. Contemporary ideas and trends open to dialogue are behind every project they undertake.

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