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Issue 13: (After)Care
The Eyes

THE EYES #13 (After)care

THE EYES #13 (After)careThe Eyes: (After)Care
Issue 13
Curated by Laia Abril
The Eyes


224 pages
170 x 240 mm
ISBN 9791092727517


The Eyes questions cultural and societal evolutions through the prism of photography and creation and gives carte blanche to experts directly concerned by the subjects addressed.

With this new issue entitled (After)care, The Eyes explores the methods and approaches of photographers who address the most traumatic chapters of our individual and collective histories. After collaborating with SMITH (Transgalactic, 2020) and Johny Pitts (B-Side, 2021), The Eyes invited the Spanish artist Laia Abril to take over the content of the magazine.

Many questions are raised in this issue: how do we portray our deepest wounds? What is the significance of vulnerability in the creation of photographs? How can we ensure that the violence of the world is not repeated through the violence of images?

About the Artist
Laia Abril (b. 1986) is a Catalan artist whose work relates to bio-politics, grief and women rights. Her books include The Epilogue (2014), which documents the indirect victims of eating disorders; and a long-term project A History of Misogyny which includes On Abortion (2018), about the repercussions of abortion controls in many cultures; and On Rape (2022) about gender-based stereotypes and myths, as well as the failing structures of law and order, that perpetuate rape culture.

About the Magazine
The company The Eyes Publishing (legal name: Aman Iman Publishing) develops editorial projects, advisory actions and events in the field of photography and visual arts.
The Eyes is a bilingual magazine and platform for exploring and celebrating photography in all its forms.