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Holy Show Issue 5

Holy Show Issue 5Holy Show
Issue 5


112 pages
190 x 270 mm
ISBN 9781916163249



Issue 4 features the following work:

Hibernofuturism by Rob Doyle and Hugh Mulhern – “I began what I liked to think of as preliminary negotiations with the machine intelligence”.

Nicole Flattery’s Diary – “I like at writer’s festivals when people are quietly competitive about certain things. What room was your event in? Was it in a large room like my event? Could it hold an awful lot of people, like my event? No, I want to say. My event was in a very small room. It was in a tiny room. In fact, it was in the toilet.” With visuals from Hannah-Clare de Gordun;

How can we process our emotions in the face of media oversaturation and communication in crisis? Ian Maleny responds to work by Christopher Steenson;

Four Fireside Stories from Sara Chudzik, Gonchigkhand Byambaa (Khandaa), Mahito Indi Henderson and Bláithín MacDonnell;

Grace Dyas’ Hero’s Journey phone shop sales targets and dodgy SIM cards; Ken Doherty, Bebo, and spitting blood;

How to Win at Monopoly (or why you can’t afford a house) commissioned lecture from visual artist Declan Clarke;

Cans and Chats at the Grotto by Caelainn Hogan, Spicebag and 1eurofiddy in conversation;

Wild Atlantic Women: Kristen Poli travels to Donegal to meet Irish surf champions Maia Monaghan and Una Britton with photography from Aisling Clark.

Satan’s Screamin’ Skates – A comic strip from Kav.

About the Magazine
Holy Show
 is a magazine of contemporary life and culture as seen through the eyes of Ireland’s artists. It adapts stories from the artists and their projects to the printed page. It showcases work from a diverse range of forms, like theatre, film, dance, music, visual art, and draws out compelling non-fiction narratives and critical writings that help us to understand who we are, where we’ve come from and where we’re going as a society.