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Issue 1
Ghouls On Film

Ghouls On Film Issue 1

Ghouls On Film
Issue 1Ghouls On Film
Issue 1


26 pages
150 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available


The Ghouls On Film Zine is a feminist zine for scream queens of all genders. Put together by a local film society based in Belfast, Ghouls on Film aims to showcase the world of horror from a feminist perspective, exploring how women can find agency in a genre that is traditionally male-dominated.

All contributors to the zine are either women or non-binary folk, and this first issue features a think-piece on the horrors of networking, a review of the 1976 classic Carrie, an interview with Belfast drag performer King Phisher, as well as original illustrations, collages and a curated playlist.

About the Zine
Ghouls On Film is a Belfast based, feminist horror film society, founded in October 2021 at The Black Box. They have ongoing monthly screening events in The Green Room at The Black Box, and  often feature a variety of immersive screenings, Q&As, exhibitions and collaborative events with international festivals.