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In a Lonely Place
Gregory Crewdson

In a Lonely Place
Gregory Crewdson
Hatje Cantz


Texts by Craig Burnett, Gregory Crewdson, Jens Erdman Rasmussen, Felix Hoffmann, Estelle af Malmborg


Hardcover Clothbound
160 Pages
313 x 217 mm
ISBN 9783775731362


Three key series by the star of the American photo art scene. The American middle-class nightmare: nothing is clean, orderly, idyllic, or romantic. In his perfectly staged, hyper-realistic tableaux, photographer Gregory Crewdson (*1962) reveals the claustrophobic limbo and abyss of spiritual repression that is the typical suburb. Here, hushed-up violence, alienation, isolation, and emptiness are nothing new or unfamiliar but part of the everyday experience next door. Crewdson goes to great lengths to set up his apocalyptic scenarios. The richness of detail and mysterious atmosphere of the images from his series Beneath the Roses unfold a surreal, supernatural power of suggestion that mesmerises the viewer. No less arresting are the works from Sanctuary, shot in the morbid ruins of Italy’s Cinecittà, and the unusual nocturne nature photos in Fireflies.

About the Artist
Gregory Crewdson is a graduate of SUNY Purchase and the Yale University School of Art, where he is now director of graduate studies in photography. He lives and works in New York and Massachusetts. In a career spanning more than three decades, he has produced a succession of widely acclaimed bodies of work, from Natural Wonder (1992–97) to Cathedral of the Pines (2013–14). Beneath the Roses (2003–08), a series of pictures that took nearly ten years to complete—and which employed a crew of more than one hundred people—was the subject of the 2012 feature documentary Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters, by Ben Shapiro.

About the Publisher
Hatje Cantz is an international publisher of illustrated books on art, architecture, photography, design, and visual culture, founded by Gerd Hatje in Stuttgart in 1945. Since its inception, Hatje Cantz has been developing and publishing illustrated books with a special focus on quality, both in terms of content and production.

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