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Everything’s The Same
Otso Harju


Everything’s The Same
Otso Harju
Ho Books


124 pages
130 x 180 mm
ISBN 9789529325269


Everything’s The Same is a photo book by Otso Harju on the similarities in the socio-geographic atmosphere of Finnish coastal cities. It features over one hundred pages of sheer lovingly depressive, strangely beautiful (semi)urban Finnish summer. In the book we travel from Porvoo all the way to Kokkola, encountering little lost cats and ruby red night skies along the road. Welcome to Finland! The paperback book is printed on semi-glossy paper and wrapped in a matte cover that doubles as a poster. The nifty open binding lets the spreads open fully.

About the Artist

Otso Harju a gender and sexuality researcher, writer and occasional artist. Urban India, class and everyday activism are central topics. I like photographing empty spaces and making zines with friends.

About the Publisher
Ho Books is an independent micropublisher founded in Helsinki, Finland in 2012. They publish annually, and focus on visual arts and social commentary. Ho Books emphasise the book as a physical object, and works in close collaboration with the artists and authors.

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