Finnish Youth

Finnish Youth Jouko Lehtola Aalto English Text by Niclas Östlind   Hardcover 52 pages 209 x 270 mm 2015 ISBN Not available   In its first season collection Aalto has the opportunity to work in collaboration with the Jouko Lehtola Foundation. The Finnish photographer Jouko Lehtola (1963-2010) depicted all aspects of the energy of being… Continue reading Finnish Youth

Some Kind of Heavenly Fire

Some Kind of Heavenly Fire Maria Lax Setanta Books English   Hardcover 88 pages 160 x 200 mm 2020 ISBN Not Available   “I’m from a small town in Northern Finland surrounded by a vast, sparsely populated wilderness. Most pass through the town on their way someplace else without ever knowing it was a hotspot… Continue reading Some Kind of Heavenly Fire

Three Knots

Three Knots Antti Laitinen Galleri Image English Text by Alla Räisänen   Softcover 24 pages 220 x 220 mm 2014 ISBN 9788799416882 Antti Laitinen is one of the most interesting contemporary artists in Finland. He has lived naked in a forest for days without food and water; he has attempted to split the sea, has reconstructed a… Continue reading Three Knots