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Distances Distances
Billy Kenrick


48 Pages
300 x 420 mm
ISBN Not Available

Distances is an early, diaristic body of work developed over the course of some years after a nomadic period. The work was originally conceived as a reflection on the experience of being between places & on dissonance around the concept of home.

This new book functions as a retroactive publication of work from the series. It takes the form of a journey, veering from flow to stasis; its sequence looping inwardly.

In revisiting old work, there is a greater awareness of the tension between photography as an expressive tool & its inherent fragmentary, constructed nature. The concept remains intact, yet the images shift: they have their own meanings, asynchronous with memory.

About the Artist
Billy Kenrick is a Dublin-based visual artist. He is interested in analogue techniques and print media – applying a process-led approach to subjective documentary. Specialising in book-making, darkroom, Super 8, and experimental sound.

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