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North Korean Perspectives
Various Artists

North Korean Perspectives Various Artists

North Korean Perspectives Various ArtistsNorth Korean Perspectives
Various Artists
English, Dutch

Text by Marc Prüst


96 pages
220 x 160 mm
ISBN 9789076703602


The catalogue for an eponymous exhibition on our perception of North Korea through photographic representation. What impression does the West have of this nation caught between reality and propaganda, based on the images that are available to us? With this central question, the official version of the state is compared and juxtaposed with alternative views of the country provided by the ten participating artists. Among them, Ari Hatsuzawas bright and ordinary view of Pyongyang, David Guttenfelder’s Instagram feed, the bleak grey-brown landscapes of Tomas van Houtryve, Seung Woo Back’s dystopian architectural visions, and the Kim personality cult as seen by Pierre Bessard.

North Korean Perspectives was compiled by Marc Prüst and commissioned by Noorderlicht.

About the Author
Marc Prüst is a photography consultant, curator, and teacher based in Groningen, the Netherlands.

About the Publisher
Noorderlicht | House of Photography is a many-faceted and international platform, originally only for documentary photography, but now for any photographer who has a good story to tell. With a sharp eye for new developments, but averse to trends and hype, we devote attention to the photography of the world and to the world of photography. We do this by organising an annual photography festival, programming exhibitions in our photo gallery, organising photographic commissions and arranging discussions, lectures and masterclasses. Noorderlicht provides an educational programme, and also publishes exceptional catalogues and photo books. Our exhibitions tour worldwide, and have been seen in the United States, Syria, Australia, Indonesia and other lands.

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