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The Modern Spirit is Vivisective
Francesca Catastini

The Modern Spirit is Vivisective, Francesca CatastiniThe Modern Spirit is Vivisective
Francesca Catastini
Anzenberger Edition

Text by Federica Chiocchetti


120 pages
160 x 230mm
ISBN 9783868289527


“The modern spirit is vivisective, Vivisection itself is the most modern process one can conceive. The ancient spirit accepted phenomena with bad grace. The ancient method investigated law with the lantern of justice, morality with the lantern of revelation, art with the lantern of tradition. But all these lanterns have magical properties: they transform and disfigure. The modern method examines its territory by the light of day.”



About the Artist
Francesca Catastini (Lucca, 1982) is based in Tuscany. Raised in a family with a strong scientific background, she developed an early interest for ethology and medicine. At the age of five she made her first (and last) attempt to preserve two little animals, a dead bird and a field mouse, by wrapping them tightly in black bin liners and keeping them in a shoe box. To her mother’s horror, she discovered the box under her bed and immediately threw the experiment away! Apparently Francesca was severely told off, but cannot remember the details… Eventually she decided to keep images, instead of things (if for no other reason than to avoid the smell). She feels that as a highly sensitive person, it is easier to study the facts of life when they are unable to run away.


About the publisher
Anzenberger Edition was founded by Regina Maria Anzenberger in 2013, after expanding the Anzenberger Gallery & bookshop. Both, the publishing house and the bookshop are part of the Anzenberger Gallery and can be visited at Absberggasse 27, 1100 Vienna, Austria. It focuses on rare, self-Published, signed and limited edition photography books and is an alternative resource for all photo book lovers.

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