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De donde no se vuelve
Alberto Garcia-Alix

De donde no se vuelve
Alberto Garcia-Alix
La Fabrica


Hardback with dust jacket
320 pages
240 x 300 mm
ISBN: 978-8492841660



This book reproduces over 250 images that compose the ambitious project on which Alberto García-Alix has been working for several years in Madrid, Paris and Beijing. Through an intense narration, De donde no se vuelve is a profound trip in time and in the author’s life, a true life story of the artist. García-Alix says that photography is a medium that moves the spectator to the other side of life. Under this premise, his work acquires a poetic nature, an acute sense in which each of his portraits takes on a transcendent dimension.


About the Artist
Alberto García-Alix was born on March 22, 1956, in León, Spain. During the first edition of PhotoEspaña, in 1998, he showcased a great retrospective exhibition, with great public and critical success. He received the National Photography Prize of the Spanish Ministry of Culture in 1999, at which time he began working with the Juana de Aizpuru Gallery in Spain and the Kamel Mennour Gallery in France.

About the Publisher

La Fabrica devise, create, promote and develop cultural projects in very diverse fields. La Fabrica’s areas of work cover the entire sphere of contemporary culture: photography, art, literature, cinema, theatre, dance, architecture, music, science. Contemporary ideas and trends open to dialogue are behind every project they undertake.

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