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Stefano Reboli

cubadito, Stefano Reboli

cubadito, Stefano Reboli

Stefano Reboli
Self Published
English and Italian


Limited Edition 38 of 50
50 pages
150 x 225 mm
ISBN Not Available



Cubadito by Stefano Reboli is available to view on Vimeo.

“I see Cuba as a bocadito stuffed with hopes and propaganda, perfectly paired ingredients of a troubled history. In my journey, I focused on four meaningful subjects each telling a specific story: Trinidad, Agujero Negro, Volveran and Habanachrome. I entered the private sphere of the inhabitants by taking a glimpse of their private living through the threshold of their windows. I investigated how daily life has been affected by the many limitations to freedom. I discovered the specious interpretation that the government gives of its heroes. I framed the paradox of the crumbling scenarios. To me each bite of Cuba has the unique taste of truth and lies melted together.”

About the Artist
Stefano Reboli (b. 1973) is a photographer and a graphic designer born and based in Milan, Italy. He started to look at the world through a camera in his teenage years. He takes pictures while travelling and then turns these visual memories into intimate stories.

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