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Les années de plomb (Tribute To Bobby Sands)
Yan Morvan

Archives Yan Morvan

Archives Yan MorvanLes années de plomb (Tribute To Bobby Sands)
Yan Morvan
Cahier Central


Edition of 300
44 Pages
150 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available



This edition of Yan Morvan’s archives was produced especially for Cahier Central and printed in 300 copies. The zine documents the troubles in the North of Ireland from 1981, specifically Derry and Belfast.

About the Artist
Yan Morvan (b. 1954) is a French photographer, journalist, photojournalist and author particularly recognised for his war photography and images of underground communities. His career, which began in 1974, has specialised in examining the underside of the society, his photographs have depicted the lives of underground communities, such as bikers, far right and far left activists, gangs, and sex workers.

About the Publisher
Cahier Central bookstore is dedicated to independent publishing, opening its door in May 2021.