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Go On And Lose Me Wherever You’d Like (Va T’en Me Perdre Où Tu Voudras)
Brod Nolwenn

Va-t’en me perdre où tu voudras

Va-t’en me perdre où tu voudras, Nolwen BrodGo On And Lose Me Wherever You’d Like (Va T’en Me Perdre Où Tu Voudras)
Brod Nolwenn

Text by Amaury da Cunha


Edition of 500
40 Pages
200 x 270 mm
ISBN  9782918960812



Va-t’en me perdre où tu voudras is a journey of exploration into the loss of my father. His death a few years earlier was the result of an accident while roaming the south of Ireland by motorcycle with friends.
Retracing his route filled me with both joy and sadness, inside and outside, backwards and forwards, oscillating from nostalgia to amnesia. In the confusion of these days, emerge traces of an order that seem to mysteriously drive me towards unexpected growth.

About the Artist
Nolwenn Brod (b. 1987) explores in photography the dimension of encounter, the different forms of relationships with living things and things. It is often a question of the representation of an internal struggle, a duel, the forms that the forces have created in their conflict. Each portrait, each individual affair is political, it becomes indispensable, necessary.
The meticulous observation of everyday gestures, the micro-sensation, the micro-event, the lability of the present moment between beings and their ontology feed her work. With, on, under, through, would be so many conjunctions to apprehend the environment and people in which she is brought to work.

About the Publisher
Poursuite is a french-based publisher directed by Benjamin Diguerher focused on photography and related topics.