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Americans Anonymous
Barry Delaney

Americans Anonymous, Barry Delaney

Americans Anonymous, Barry DelaneyAmericans Anonymous
Barry Delaney
Hi Tone Books

Text by Kevin Barrington.


First Edition of 500
80 pages
263 x 246mm
ISBN 9781838038533


Americans Anonymous is a pictorial road trip across the United States, a country that, in the wake of Donald Trump, has never been more divided. From East to West by way of the Deep South, in the tradition of Robert Frank and Dorothea Lange, the photographs of Barry Delaney, accompanied by the poems of John O’Donnell, record the lives of ordinary people at an extraordinary time.

About the Artist
Barry Delaney is an Irish photographer and filmmaker.
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About the Publisher
Hi Tone Books are publishers of high quality books on Irish popular culture and photography. Hi Tone Books is run by Dubliners Garry O’Neill and Niall McCormack.

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