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Juan Manuel Castro Prieto

Juan Manuel Castro Prieto


112 pages
165 x 235 mm
ISBN 9788498015287



Among the photographic sessions organised by the prestigious Albarracín photojournalist Gervasio Sánchez, is selected annually to a photographer that reflects his personal perspective and photographic on this population. Just as they did in the time leading photographers as Bernard and Joan Fontcuberta Plossu with his works and Albarracin Albarracin-Santa Innocence respectively, in 2010 was commissioned renowned photographer Juan Manuel Castro Prieto. The five stories that accompany the photographs of the author want to put music to his imaginary images from a place name. These characters inhabit a space called chimeric Valcorza and recount their memories. These images are a tribute to remembrance and its permanence, to his and to ours.  Landscapes, traditions, objects that inhabit the bedrooms and preserve the way in which time has gradually worn them out, testimonies and witnesses.  Dying is forgetting.  A tribute to those who continue to make it possible for the identity of what we are to survive in the villages.


About the Artist
Juan Manuel Castro Prieto trained as an economist, his “love affair” with photography began in 1977, and like the majority of the authors of his generation, he was self-taught.  At the start of the eighties, he entered the Royal Photographic Society of Madrid where he met Gerardo Vielba, Gabriel Cualladó, Paco Gómez andJuan Dolcet. In 1990, he travelled to Cuzco, Peru, in order to make, together with Juan Manuel Díaz Burgos, the positive prints of the Peruvian master, Martin Chambi, based on the original glass plates.


About the Publisher 
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