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How to drive
Katerina Moschou

How to drive, Katerina Moschou

How to drive, Katerina MoschouHow to drive
Katerina Moschou


Limited Edition of 42/55
88 pages
260 x 192 mm
ISBN Not Available


Katerina grew up in the centre of Athens hearing of hard to source mechanical parts, the beauty of Italian car bodies and the very life stories of those who owned them. But that is only natural for someone whose father is a passionate car mechanic. The photobook “How to drive” started as an attempt to photograph a place familiar yet never consciously explored. Katerina without fully acknowledging it draws from her memories and through the lens of her very own experience as a driver and a woman tells the other story of driving. In an almost cinematic way the car – object gradually becomes a place where daily routine is celebrated as a ceremony. It is a photobook about the mundane in a personal yet inclusive way that suggests a shift to our attention from the things we are told to the things we experience.

About the Artist
Katerina Moschou is an artist based in Greece.

About the Publisher
Zoetrope is an artist-run space aiming to explore, nurture and support artistic practice. Participatory and collaborative artistic practices with a special focus in photography, artists’ books and film. Zoetrope wishes to catalyse the creation of intimate and inclusive creative communities. Zoetrope is inhabited by images, machines, plants, prints, books, projects and ideas. Zoetrope is an ongoing experiment.