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Push Process
Jonathan Walker

Push Process, Jonathan Walker

Push Process, Jonathan WalkerPush Process
Jonathan Walker
Ortac Press


224 pages
228 x 153 mm
ISBN 9781838388782


Venice, 2000. Richard is a postgraduate student living in the city to research its past. He’s supposed to be working in the archive, but he meets Merlo and Lars, two art students who are more interested in Venice’s present. He decides to pick up a camera and join them. The world comes alive for Richard through photographs: for the first time, he feels connected to a place – and other people. He’s determined to continue, whatever the cost. Push Process is a novel about art, friendship and being European, illustrated with over fifty black-and-white photographs of Venice.

About the Artist
Jonathan Walker is a writer and historian from Liverpool.

About the Publisher
Ortac Press is an independent book publisher based in London. Ortac specialises in non-fiction writing on art, culture, music and social science. The press publishes a variety of novels too. We aim to publish books that are illuminating, captivating and relatable.​