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Zine Ø: Kristina Collender
Kristina Collender

Zine Ø: Kristina Collender, Kristina Collender

Zine Ø: Kristina Collender, Kristina CollenderZine Ø: Kristina Collender
Kristina Collender
Zine Ø


Foldout A4
149 x 105 mm
ISBN Not Available


Published by the 2013 graduates of the BA Photography course at Dublin Institute of Technology, this zine documents the work of Kristina Collender. Sean-Bean-Nua (Old-New-Woman) is an exploration into contemporary Irish female identity. Using self-portraits, the face of the artist is stripped away and replaced with an intervention that interrogates and questions her supposed Irish identity. Using varying modes of intervention the ‘new’ face within the portrait becomes a strange testament to the artist’s beliefs. Stripping herself of any facial recognition the image within the image creates a new narrative, questioning all contexts from which it once came and represented.
 Photography becomes one of many mediums of exploration used in this body of work. The portraits result in an intrinsic visual language, which represent the artist’s own experiences, hopes, fantasies, memories and fears of being a woman living in Ireland today.

About the Series
This series consists of zines created by students of the Dublin Institute of Technology,  BA (Hons) Photography course. The collection consists of work by Kristina Collender, Efa Corwell, Neil Dorgan, Kasia Kaminska, Barry Keogh, Patricia Klich, Deirdre McGing, Bobi Murray, Nikki O’Carroll, Catherine O’Toole, Maciej Pestka, Niamh Redmond and Irene Siragusa.

About the Artist
Kristina Collender is a photographer and DIT graduate based in Ireland.

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