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Zine Ø: Bobi Murray
Bobi Murray

Zine Ø: Bobi Murray

Zine Ø: Bobi MurrayZine Ø: Bobi Murray
Bobi Murray
Zine Ø


Foldout A4
149 x 105 mm
ISBN Not Available


Published by the 2013 graduates of the BA Photography course at Dublin Institute of Technology, this zine documents the work of Bobi Murray. Aeon is a body of work focused primarily on imagining the evolution of artificial intelligence and human augmentation and highlights the potential coalescence of mankind and machine. It suggests that the idea of what we currently understand as the ‘cyborg’ will create an epoch or golden age where humans and AI potentially coexist. This raises a debate over the possible implications for human society and the impact that autonomous AI will have. Current theorists postulate that super intelligent design and growth will reach far beyond contemporary comprehension. This would bring about significant advances in human evolution. These advances could manifest in human anatomical augmentation or a boom in AI to where it could become self-sustainable i.e. evolve, adapt and learn.

About the Series
This series consists of zines created by students of the Dublin Institute of Technology,  BA (Hons) Photography course. The collection consists of work by Kristina Collender, Efa Corwell, Neil Dorgan, Kasia Kaminska, Barry Keogh, Patricia Klich, Deirdre McGing, Bobi Murray, Nikki O’Carroll, Catherine O’Toole, Maciej Pestka, Niamh Redmond and Irene Siragusa.

About the Artist
Bobi Murray is a DIT graduate and photographer based in Ireland.