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Zine Collection N°5 : Scheme
Roman Pyatkovka

Zine Collection N°5 : Scheme

Zine Collection N°5 : Scheme Zine Collection N°5 : Scheme
Roman Pyatkovka
Éditions Bessard


39 Pages
150 x 210 mm
ISBN 9791091406093


‘“I never thought that photography would be the meaning of my life. For a long time I worked in the Drama Theatre of the main artist on the light, for 8 years. At one point I realized that this work – not what I wanted to do in the future, left her and became interested in artistic photography.’

About the Series
The Zine Collection is a prestigious collection of short photographic works, which contains 40 pages including the cover. The usual format will be of a maximum of 34 photographs.

About the Artist
Roman Pyatkovka (b. Kharkiv, Ukraine, 1955) lives and works in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Member of the National Union of Photo Artists of Ukraine (since 1989). Senior Lecturer Media Communications. Vasyl Karazin Kharkiv National University.

About the Publisher
Editions Bessard is a paris-based independant publishing house created by pierre bessard in 2011. Focusing on working with artists, writers and curators to realise intellectually challenging projects in book form.

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