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Young Milky Way Explorers
Róisín White

Young Milky Way Explorers, Róisín White

Young Milky Way ExplorersYoung Milky Way Explorers
Róisín White

Illustrations by Hertta Kiiski.


1 fold-out page
210 x 145 mm


This is an interactive exhibition guide created by Róisín White for PhotoIreland’s 2021 exhibition Milky Way which showed the work of Finnish artist Hertta Kiiski.


About the Artists
Róisín White is a visual artist based in Dublin, working primarily with photography, while incorporating drawing, sculpture, and collage into her practice. Róisín holds a BA(hons) in Photography from DIT, and certificates in Ceramics and Sculpture from NCAD.

Hertta Kiiski is an artist living in Turku, Finland. She works with photography, textiles, video, installation, space and often with animals and her daughters and niece. Her practice imagines an alternative past or future in which life forms of the planet mingle with each other in harmony. The works exist in a framework of love – the representation of interrelations between humans, non-humans and space. She creates site-sensitive installations to establish a space for breathing and listening.

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