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XVIII: Stories of TULCA
Various Artists

New XVIII Stories of TULCA

 New XVIII Stories of TULCAXVIII: Stories of TULCA
Various Artists
TULCA Publishing


187 pages
180 x 280 mm
ISBN 9781838228415


XVIII Stories of TULCA is a new publication that marks the 18th anniversary of TULCA Festival of Visual Arts and documents its UnSelfing Programme for Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture. For this new book, TULCA’s past festival curators consider curating as a form of ‘caring’ in relation to their edition of the festival. Chairs from the board talk about the challenges of keeping Galway’s visual arts festival going and growing. What emerges is a portrait of an organisation committed to upholding curators’ and artists’ visions and tightly implicated in the city and county of Galway through board and team members, as well as numerous volunteers. This dive into TULCA lore is an occasion to revisit stories, remember others and discover many as well as to reflecting upon paths not taken. The publication also includes five commissions from artists representing the exhibitions, commissions and performances of the UnSelfing programme.

Tracing TULCA’s trajectory from a nascent arts project to a key fixture in Ireland’s visual arts landscape, this must-read for anyone interested in Irish contemporary art and curatorial practice brings together new writing, recollections and documentation. Edited by Michaële Cutaya and designed by Pure Designs, XVIII – Stories of TULCA is a beautiful document of the first 18 years in the history of Ireland’s most dynamic visual arts festival. The publication consists of a series of new writing commissions, photo-essays and reflections from past curators, artists and board members.

About the Publisher
Since 2002, TULCA Festival of Visual Arts has captivated Galway city and county with an eclectic display of Contemporary Art. TULCA is a multi-venue, artist-centered festival of contemporary art that works with Irish curators to present innovative exhibitions that provoke and energise audiences into the world of the Visual Arts.

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