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Women From the Inside
Various Artists

Women from the Inside

Women from the InsideWomen From the Inside
Various Artists

Photography by Clara Planelles.
Graphic Design by Conor O Brien and Clara McSweeney.
Contributions from Maria McSweeney.


22 pages

150 x 210 mm
ISBN Not Available


Women from the Inside is a collaborative photographic project based in Limerick City led by Clara Planelles (Creative Director and Photographer), Clara McSweeney (Project Coordinator and Graphic Designer) and Maria McSweeney (Public Relations and Social Media Manager). Through this project, the collective aims to delve into the experiences of women living in Limerick in the 21st century. Since 2021, they have produced two extensive collections of digital photographs and videos, as well as one publication.

This zine attempts to capture the ways in which we connect with our feminine power and beauty, beyond the rigid standards imposed on us by mass media and societal norms. By photographing real and authentic women, we can ourselves reflected, appreciate our beauty and can create a new concept of being feminine together.

A portion of the profits are going towards funding eco-friendly period products for TUS University Limerick.

About the Artists
Clara Planelles is a film director and photography based in Ireland.

Clara McSweeney is a visual artist and arts worker from Cork, Ireland.

Maria McSweeney is a visual artist based in Limerick.