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Where the Money is Made
Eline Benjaminsen

Where the Money is Made
Eline Benjaminsen

Essays by
Joost Dobber
Sophie Dyer
Alexandre Laumonier


Salmon newsprint in a clear plastic pocket
48 Pages
180 x 260 mm


Where the Money Is Made aims to bring the obscure economic power of High-Frequency Trading (HTF) to light by tracing lines of algorithmic capital to the places where some of the main profits are made today. Guided by geometric lines-of-sight between microwave transmitters and receivers, she documents the mundane landscapes of the globalised financial infrastructure. But is it at all possible to picture this immaterial marketplace? Eline Benjaminsen’s project is part of the Docking Station programme, a platform that helps visual storytellers by connecting them to experts in the field and finding new audiences for the stories. The organisation hosts international photographers in Amsterdam (NL), and once a year connects them to international photo festivals in Europe—this year Krakow Photomonth.

About the Artist
Eline Benjaminsen (b. 1992, Norway) explores the processes of power that shape our attitudes, habits, and individual possibilities, that exist outside of our physical environments. By focusing on the strictly physical—that which can be photographed—her work investigates the relationship between the material and the immaterial, with the aim of confronting viewers with the limit of their own vision. Benjaminsen graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in July 2017.

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