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Installation Art

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Installation ArtInstallation Art


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Installation Art is a broad term applied to a range of arts practice which involves the installation or configuration of objects in a space, where the totality of objects and space comprise the artwork. Installation Art is a mode of production and display of artwork rather than a movement or style. Installation Art can comprise traditional and non-traditional Media, such as Painting, Sculpture, Readymades, Found Objects, Drawing and Text. Depending on the number of objects and the nature of the display, installation spaces can range from cluttered to minimal. The experience for the viewer of Installation Art is very different from more traditional artwork, such as painting, which is usually viewed from a single reference point. Installation Art requires the active engagement of the viewer with the artwork. This may involve the viewer entering into the space of the artwork and interacting with the artwork. By entering into the space, the viewer encounters the artwork from multiple points of view, rather than from a single Perspective more typically associated with looking at a painting. Installation Art may engage many or all of the senses – touch, sound and smell – rather than just the visual or optical sense. Installation Art also foregrounds experience and communication over the production of a finished art object.

Installation Art is characterised by the incorporation of the Site or space of display into the artwork. In some instances the site or location of the work is an intrinsic and non-negotiable element of the work. To move the work or recreate it in another site would constitute the destruction of the existing work and the creation of a new work, which may contravene the artist’s intentions. This type of Installation Art is called Site-Specific Art, where the creation of the artwork relates to, and is contingent on, a specific site. Many artists who create Installation Art impose conditions and provide detailed instructions with regard to the installation of the artwork, such as indicating where and how it can be installed, what materials are to be used, and whether it can be reinstalled in the same or any other site.

About the Project 
This IMMA programme is a great way to find out more about the concepts and terms used in contemporary art. It includes talks, booklets and web-based resources which you can explore below. The programme is presented in four series, three of which you can explore in the menu above.

About the Publisher
Irish Museum Of Modern Art (IMMA) is Ireland’s National Cultural Institution for Modern and Contemporary Art. Their diverse and ambitious programme comprises exhibitions, commissions and projects by leading Irish and international artists, as well as a rich engagement and learning programme which together provides audiences of all ages the opportunity to connect with contemporary art and unlock their creativity. IMMA is home to the National Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art, started in 1990 and now numbering over 3,500 artworks by Irish and international artists. This national resource available through exhibitions at IMMA and other venues nationally and internationally, engagement and learning programmes and digital resources.

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