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Wealth Management
Carlos Spottorno

Wealth Management, Carlos Spottorno

Wealth Management, Carlos SpottornoWealth Management
Carlos Spottorno
Editorial RMPHREE

Edited by Juan Vallbuena and Ramon Reverte.


64 pages
240 x 320 mm
ISBN 9788416282258


The goal of this book is to reflect about the language of banks and other influential organisations. It’s aim is to portray how he sees the world of the ultra-wealthy and their agents. A supposedly better life where money doesn’t always bring happiness, and the ultimate luxury is to be invisible, inaccessible, and therefore invulnerable.
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About the Artist
Carlos Spottorno (b. 1971, Budapest) is an Italian photographer. Spottorno initially trained in painting and printmaking, before undertaking a career as an art director in the advertising industry. Since 2001 he has been an active photographer, undertaking long-term photography projects which usually gravitate towards economy, politics and social issues.

About the Publishers
Editorial RM is one of the most prestigious publishers of art books in Latin America, focusing primarily on photography and contemporary art. It also maintains a select catalogue of Latin American literary classics. It is based in Barcelona and Mexico City.

PHREE is a publishing house focused on documentary photography, travel books and family albums

Further Information
A video of Wealth Management by Carlos Spottorno.

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