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Under Cover Of Darkness
Fergus Jordan

Under Cover Of Darkness
Fergus Jordan
Allotrope Press


32 pages
240 x 330 mm
ISBN 9781859232484


Fergus Jordan is an artist based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His research study, ‘Under Cover of Darkness: Photography, Territory and the City’ is an examination of the photographic representation of the City at night, with an emphasis on the key visual characteristics and unique spatial relationship of nighttime in Northern Ireland. This catalogue is published by Allotrope Press to coincide with the exhibition, ‘Under Cover of Darkness’ at the Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast. The exhibition ran from October 6th to November 5th 2011.


About the Artist
Fergus Jordan (b.1982) is a Belfast based artist having recently completed his doctoral research study in Photography. His work with photography and video investigates the conflict between darkness, night and artificial light, city in photography, the invisible, and the study of post-conflict societies.

About the Publisher
Allotrope press is an independent art publishing press founded in Ulster University by artist Keith Winter and writer Emma Dwan O’Reilly.

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