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Issue Two

Type One

Type OneTypeOne
Issue Two
The Kinetic Type Issue
People of Print


140 pages
220 x 297 mm
ISSN 9772635033005


Kinetic (moving) type has seen an abundance of exponential growth in the last 50 years as the possibilities of matching text and motion has grown in direct correlation to the equally exponential, if not more so, developments in technology. Having manifested itself and created a solid home in our design industry. The second issue of TYPEONE magazine explores the methods, the logic, and the creatives behind this exciting niche using QR code technology to translate static content to moving imagery.

About the Magazine
Founded in 2019, TYPE01 Ltd has become one of the leading platforms that specifically publishes type-focused media. Expanding across many platforms including the launch of our Type One bi-annual print magazine, our Type Tutorial series, and the TYPE01 website.

We also run Femme Type, a platform that celebrates, supports and empowers typeface design and type-focused work created by women in our industry. You can also shop fonts by the industry’s independent type designers and foundries on our curated online marketplace, Type Department.

About the Publishers
People of Print began in 2008, originally created by Marcroy Smith, as a directory of illustrators, designers and printers both creatively and commercially, with the purpose of educating and inspiring. People of Print LTD was established in May 2013. They have a team of art directors, project managers, graphic designers, illustrators and printmakers based in our London office and across the globe.

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