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The Zines of Production 
Various Artists

The Zines Of Production

The Zines Of ProductionThe Zines of Production
Edited by Czar Kristoff and Lobregat Balaguer.
Co Published by Hardworking Goodlooking and

Contributors include Alfred Marasigan, Charles Salazar, Cru Camara, Czar Kristoff, Edreec Sanglap, Jem Magbanua, Joseph Pascual, Kevin Kunishi, Mac Andre Arboleda andTammy David.


Includes a 6 x 4 photograph print.
160 pages
275 x 215mm
ISBN Not Available



A layered experiment in tropical art samizdat, collectivized cultural production, liberating the means of production, creating equal profit opportunities (alternative to exploitation in the cultural assembly line), and in decolonization via cottage industry print and Xerox. Featuring zines by ten artists from the Philippines.
(source: p.160)

About the Publisher
Hardworking Goodlooking is the name for the publishing arm of Philippines-based platform The Office of Culture and Design. The publications they make are nice and lo-fi, often produced at local Risograph studios and bound in low-cost ways with a balance of skill and immediacy. Referencing vernacular typography, imagery and materials, Hardworking Goodlooking’s books work hard and look really good. Run by Clara Lobregat Balaguer and Kristian Henson, Hardworking Goodlooking’s work is incredibly well designed, interesting and culturally valuable. The programme of expanded editorial at The Office of Culture and Design runs in tandem with their research initiatives and projects with the wider community.
(source: is a new independent bookstore run by Pioneer Studios, a company of artists dedicated to documenting and promoting Philippine art and culture. Founded at a time when Philippine art publications had yet to become widely available despite the flourishing of the local art scene, they are the only bookstore in Manila that focuses on Philippine art. They offer a platform not just for the distribution of books but also to generate awareness and advocate for cultural literacy.

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