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The Shining Things
Oksun Kim (김옥선)

The Shining Things, Oksun Kim

The Shining Things, Oksun KimThe Shining Things
Oksun Kim (김옥선)
The Museum of Photography, Seoul
Korean, English

Text by Lee Youngwook.


107 pages
220 x 280 mm
ISBN 9788993748536


Oksun Kim’s new images on trees appear as a documentation of certain discovery on encounter. These trees are located at a deserted prairie, inside the woods untouched by men, or a mundane corner that is abandoned or neglected. In other words they are peripheral. The trees too are peripheral. They are not extravagant or grand that tries to stand for some symbolism. They are just there. Rooted to place, fastened, without any embellishment, they stand as they are with a face given to them by the environment. Yet each of the trees in the image emanates certain energy. Or I should say that they shine. Kim discovers that shining and documents her encounter with it.
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About The Artist
Oksun Kim was born in Seoul in 1967. She holds an MA in Photographic Design, from the Hongik University, Seoul, South Korea.

About The Publisher
The Museum of Photography, Seoul is a photography museum in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

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