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The Law of Large Numbers
Rindon Johnson

The Law of Large Numbers, Rindon Johnson

The Law of Large Numbers, Rindon JohnsonThe Law of Large Numbers
Rindon Johnson
Inpatient Press


230 pages
178 x 127 mm
ISBN 9780999864791


The Law of Large Numbers is a publication with original writings by artist Rindon Johnson that accompanies the exhibitions Law of Large Numbers: Our Bodies at SculptureCenter, New York, and Law of Large Numbers: Our Selves at Chisenhale Gallery, London.

Connecting Johnson’s rigorous and poetic writing practice with the larger themes of the exhibitions, the book serves as a catalog and also as its own document of the varied ideas, artistic figures, and approaches that inform Johnson’s art. Throughout, scans of Johnson’s sketchbook pages, screenshots of CCTV camera footage, and other research materials illustrate extended artwork descriptions and diaristic entries. Like much of his work, Johnson’s writing explores how supposed virtual and actual realities are integrated, and how artistic production contributes to an ongoing process of identification and disidentification.

In addition to Johnson’s text, the publication includes contributions by Sohrab Mohebbi and Ellen Greig and a foreword by Zoé Whitley and Kyle Dancewicz.

About the Author
Rindon Johnson (b.1990, California) is an American artist and writer. Johnson has exhibited and performed widely at exhibitions in New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. Johnson’s multidisciplinary art practice blurs the line between photography, sculpture, and performance using various materials such as leather, light, Vaseline, video, photography and wood to explore aspects of lived space, memory, and history. Johnson is a published author and co-runs the online poetry website, Imperial Matters, with Sophia Le Fraga. Johnson lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and Berlin, Germany.

About the Publisher
Inpatient Press is an independent publisher based in New York that champions work which extends the imaginative plane.