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The Disappearance of Joseph Plummer
Amani Willett

The Disappearance Of Joseph Plummer Amani Willett

The Disappearance Of Joseph Plummer Amani WillettThe Disappearance of Joseph Plummer
Amani Willett


128 pages
170 x 220mm
ISBN 9780994791931


A curious tale spun from the life of mysterious hermit Joseph Plummer, who lived in the woods of central New Hampshire in the late 1700s. Two centuries later an unsuspecting man purchased the mythical loner’s land and built a hideaway cabin for himself – only to discover the legend of Joseph lurking deep in the seclusion of the forest. This atmospheric photobook explores our human desire to escape and find peaceful solitude, far from the burdens and apparatus of modern society.

About the Artist
Amani Willett is a Brooklyn and Boston-based photographer whose practice is driven by conceptual ideas surrounding family, history, memory, and the social environment. Working primarily with the book form, his three monographs have been published to widespread critical acclaim.

About the Publisher
Overlapse is an independent visual arts and photobooks imprint based in London UK, founded in 2015 by publisher Tiffany Jones. Our subjects and stories address social, cultural, and environmental issues, with themes connected to human experience. Through close collaboration with photographers and artists we create unique, desirable, and beautifully produced books. Each book object has a distinctive balance between content and format that readers can connect with in meaningful ways. In a relatively short time, Overlapse books have gained an enthusiastic audience and received acclaim from critics and media.

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