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Finnish Youth

Finnish Youth, Jouko Lehtola

Finnish Youth, Jouko LehtolaFinnish Youth
Jouko Lehtola

Text by Niclas Östlind


52 pages
209 x 270 mm
ISBN Not available


In its first season collection Aalto has the opportunity to work in collaboration with the Jouko Lehtola Foundation. The Finnish photographer Jouko Lehtola (1963-2010) depicted all aspects of the energy of being young and not yet touched by the conformity of society. The design is inspired by the extremes of this Finnish youth, and the designer’s Finnish roots.

‘I try to capture innocence and rage. Anyone who has been a teenager knows it ain’t fun. It’s not a very nice situation…’ (Jouko Lehtola)

The photos treat the subjects with a loving eye and show their bravery of dealing with existence in modern life. A special capsule of the first season collection will integrate the artist’s original works in the garments. A photobook of Jouko’s images will be published by AALTO as a tribute to his strongly influential life work.

About the Artist
Jouko Lehtola, born in 1963 in Helsinki, Finland was a photographer who mainly concentrated on documenting Finnish youths.

About the Publisher
Aalto University, Helsinki, aims to emphasise photography as a means of independent and multidisciplinary arts expression and the development of conceptual thinking and research skills.

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