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Jordan Tate

Super Black, Jordan Tate

Super Black, Jordan TateSuperblack
Jordan Tate
Transformer Station


First Edition of 500
58 pages
300 x 230 mm
ISBN Not available


‘Superblack’ gives a nice peek into the limits. As science pushes forward, it reaches small breaks and plateaus allowing for contemplation. While art may help us ponder the void and the void in Superblack is the deepest and darkest you will most likely ever see… …It pushes forward to find and probe the void.

About the Artist 
Jordan Tate was born in 1981 in Kentucky and lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he is an Assistant Professor of Art at the University of Cincinnati. His work is based in ongoing research concerning the visual and conceptual processes of image comprehension, and as such, has mostly been photographic. His work is deeply inquisitive about the ontology and transparency of the photograph in a post-digital, image-literate age.

About the Publisher 
Established in 2013, Transformer Station is a privately owned and operated art museum on Cleveland’s west-side. The museum hosts around four exhibitions annually supported by creative programming. Transformer Station takes a particular interest in bringing the work of leading contemporary artists to Northeast Ohio.

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