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Spettri Di Visione
Antonio Manta

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Spettri Di Visione (Spectrum of Vision), Antonio MantaSpettri Di Visione (Spectrum of Vision)
Antonio Manta
BAM Edizione


65 pages
145 x 111 mm


This photobook is a catalogue from Antonion Manta’s exhibition at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in Greece. Here, Manta’s work is an exercise in photographic space and the evocation of sensation through photography.

About the Artist
Antonio Manta is a professional photographer and a professor in Urbino ISIA University. He is also a specialist in the printing of artworks. He has printed the work of famous photographers: Nino Migliori, Fulvio Roiter, Giovanni Marozzini, Tim Hetherington Α., Nancy Fina, Anke Merzbach, Joe Oppedisano, Giuliana Traverso and others. He is an art consultant and he grants certificates of authenticity for Epson, Canson and Hasselblad.

About the Publisher
BAM Edizione(Bottega Antonio Manta) is Antonio Manta’s own publishing organisation.



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