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South of Cancer
Steven Nestor

South of Cancer, Steven Nestor

South of Cancer, Steven NestorSouth of Cancer
Steven Nestor


Designed by Ángel Luis González Fernández.


Edition of 200
36 pages
148 × 210 mm
ISBN Not Available


South of Cancer is a topographical narrative in a non-specified location below the Tropic of Cancer. It is an environment of emergence and formation where knowledge of both the self and the physical is rendered imprecise or vague. It is a search for traces of something that defies mapping and understanding. The actual location is the archipelago of Cabo Verde, but that is neither explicitly referenced nor of core importance.

Nestor consciously avoided most literary and visual research so as to concentrate on as reflexive and as unguided a response as possible, free from the gaze and obligations of the romantic traveller in the domain of the exotic. His resulting images are of detachment and the erosion or masking of structures and surfaces. Through rough delineations Nestor’s work attempts to find a navigable constellation into a process of re-mapping pre-charted lands.

About the Artist
Steven Nestor is an artist and photographer based in Dublin.

About the Series
TLP Editions are an ongoing collection of contemporary photographic projects in the form of accessible and inexpensive publications by PhotoIreland. These A5 sized booklets present a standard format throughout the series, with 36 pages each, a cover with a text block of under 140 words that introduces the project, and the title and the artist name only available on the contra cover. The project creates a node of opportunities as it allows photographers to enter the publishing arena, while facilitating access to contemporary artistic practices to the general public.

About the Publisher
Founded in 2009, PhotoIreland was conceived as an organisation that would stimulate a dialogue around Photography in Ireland by developing a varied array of initiatives and events with a strong participative approach.

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