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Running feet, sharp noses
Various Artists

Running feet, sharp noses, Various Artist

Running feet, sharp noses, Various ArtistRunning feet, sharp noses
Various Artist
Paper Visual Art


176 pages
110 × 175 mm
ISBN 9781916150942


What is it about animals? – those creatures that keep us company, a figure in a memory or folktale, the shadowy presence in a photograph, or an ancient drawing on a wall. Guides, companions, imaginary beings, hindrances, sources of fear and love …

Running feet, sharp noses is an essential collection of essays on the animal world. Each piece is a profound meditation on how animals affect our sense of self, our memories, our actions. This brilliant new book of non-fiction investigates – with the insights and perceptions of some of the finest writers at work today – how animals shape and determine our everyday lives, whether we realise it or not.

With contributions by Latifa Akay, Sara Baume, John Berger, June Caldwell, Niamh Campbell, Vona Groarke, Edward Hoagland, Tim MacGabhann, Sabrina Mandanici, Darragh McCausland, Honor Moore, Eileen Myles, Stephen Sexton, Sexton, Jessica Traynor, Erica Van Horn, and Suzanne Walsh.

About the Publisher
Established in 2009, Paper Visual Art (PVA) has been publishing journals, books, and online texts that focus on visual art, contemporary culture, and literature. Our aim is to produce texts that are forward-moving and readable, with an emphasis on reducing the use of jargon. Each published text stems from an active editorial interaction. PVA is funded by the Arts Council. PVA is edited by Adrian Duncan, Niamh Dunphy, and Nathan O’Donnell, with editorial assistance from Sadbh O’Brien.