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Romances : The Late David Turpin
Dorje de Burgh

Romances , The Late David Turpin

Romances , The Late David TurpinRomances: The Late David Turpin
Dorje de Burgh


28 pages
175 x 175 mm
ISBN Not Available


Romances by musician ‘The Late David Turpin’ is a visual embodiment of Turpin’s latest album of the same name. The softcover book includes a print with a download code for the album, and in the words of the artist;

”The objective, I suppose, is to find some way for an album release to continue to have a physical form within a streaming culture, and to foreground those elements of album releases – photography, typography – that have been lost as collateral in the transition from physical releases to streaming.

The resulting album is a lush pop and queer body of work, visually translated into photographs by Dorje de Burgh.

About The Artist
Dorje de Burgh is Dublin-born and based photographic artist practicing since 2012. His work is engaged in a dialogue with the dark poetics and reflexive potential of the photographic quotidian via oblique documentary, collage, writing and video.

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