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Rebuts, Charognes, Décombres
Julie Hascoët

Rebuts, Charognes, Décombres
Julie Hascoët
Les Éditions Croque-Madame


32 pages
210 x 290 mm
ISBN 9791095530008

Folio I is the first of a new series of photobooks on the work of a photographer selected by Les Éditions Croque-Madame. With these Folios, the goal is to provide a photographic work closest to the study, as the series itself. The selected works were selected so that all did, no beginning, no purpose, while respecting the work and the photographer of the lead. To be fully consistent with the content, the form of school draft notebooks is used.
About the Artist
Julie Hascoët was born in Douarnenez in 1989. A graduate of the National School of Photography in 2012, her work extends the practice of photography in a more general search within facilities or through publishing practice. Her personal practice revolves mainly around the themes of rest and ruin, metamorphosis, notions of the ephemeral and resistance. Julie Hascoët is also co-founder of zines OF THE AREA project, traveling collection of independent publications.
About the Publisher
Les Éditions Croque-Madame was originally founded in January 2012, by three students in Master Multimedia at the University of Strasbourg as part of a university project. Now based in Lyon, their goal is to promote photography and illustration alternative and all other graphic media. It closed in 2018.

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